Re-branding, Patreon launch, Episode 2 preview, Episode 1 update.

Hello, all!

This is a rather big update, mostly because I've decided to rename the series The Adventures of Team Australia as TAATQFTSOW was getting a bit tedious and also because I want to keep things a bit more open - this gives me the option of making episodes more central to other characters, like Peter, ScoMo, Kevin, and those batshit crazy Nationals.

Episode 1 Update

I've also updated Episode 1, which is now The Adventures of Team Australia, Episode 1: The Suppository of Wisdom. Changes:

  • New title screen and title music
  • Party avatars now visible in arguments (battles)
  • Reduced some random encounter frequencies
  • Added new item in end-game sequence, a (political) compass that should help find Margaret's grave. 
  • Also reduced the size of Chelsea Hospital

Mobile Releases

I'm working on mobile releases; I have a working prototype of Episode 1 on android, but need to do a lot of boring developer stuff to get it on the Play Store. Should be done within the next few weeks though. I'll also have it on the Apple App Store, but that will also take a little while, as I can only do that from my Macbook, which is currently needing some repairs. 

Patreon Launch

I've finally launched a Patreon page! Check it out here:
There are lots of great rewards for patrons and I'm open to suggestions for more. For anyone choosing the early access option, I'll have an early build of Episode 2 available within a week. 

Episode 2 Preview

I wanted to make a short video showing some of the features of episode 2, but it ended up going for almost 40 minutes! I was a bit drunk recording it, so please excuse any slurring. You can of course skip through to whichever bits you find relevant, but it shows some of the cool new things in Ep2, like:

  • Day/night cycle
  • Dynamic weather and dynamic world
  • Party avatars in arguments
  • Enemy animations in arguments
  • Diary quest system
  • New class and party character
  • Changing avatar and sprite graphics based on equipment
  • Map of Sydney
  • Replaced random encounters with environmental encounters
  • Replaced "Game-Over" with dynamic difficulty settings
  • Windows 95 environment
This episode is going to be so much bigger than I had initially planned, and I might even cut it off soon and split it into two parts. Most of the bigger changes can easily be carried into later episodes too. 

There's still plenty to do, but things are going well, and it's going to be so good when it's finished!

Keep fucking up the patriarchy,